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Top Reasons To Get Into Real Estate
Valen Vergara | 27 August

Indicators show that more than a quarter of Canadians are considering purchasing real estate as a means to increase their

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Single Family vs Multifamily Investing (Pros and Cons)
Valen Vergara | 23 June

Single Family House (SFH) Rentals Pros… Easier to Acquire. One of the main reasons why a lot of people choose

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Why Savvy Investors Love Income Properties?
Valen Vergara | 11 June

Getting into an income property can turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever make. However, you

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Want Higher ROI In Your Income Properties
Valen Vergara | 7 May

Slash your turnovers to the bare minimum. What are turnovers? Vacancies. When you have vacancies, you’re still paying the mortgage,

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What New Investors Need To Know
Valen Vergara | 29 April

Here are some reminders, when it comes to purchasing a new investment property. Location, Location, Location. It matters! The old

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5 Strategies To Super Charge Your Buyer’s List
Valen Vergara | 29 April

In this top list, you will find techniques that you can use to build up your real estate buyer pool…

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