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Chairman of Infraplanet Corporation. An investment enterprise focused on the acquisition, management, and development of large-cap business transactions. Analyst for Asset Monetization Partners. Created as a boutique services firm to assist high net worth individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, banks and corporations with the monetization of their assets. President of Team Made Real Estate™. A leading real estate investing academy. Executive Director at The WEPT Project Inc. Practices sustainable philanthropy by fundraising for academic projects.







  • Valen is a visionary, big-picture thinker. Able to take complex problems, formulate creative strategies and systems to address the need. Skills as an author are notable and his 360-degree influence makes him a true leader.
    Award Winning REI, Author, Nelson Camp
  • I've known Valen Vergara for years, I can confidently say he is a genuine mentor. Grateful to have Valen take me under his wing and help me build my own business. Valen will provide you with the network you need.
    REI Investor, Genesis De Paula
  • An amazing person, Valen is a world thinker and a great leader. It seems any and all projects he touches are successful, no doubt due to his work ethic, passion, and his ability to motivate his team(s).
    President of Upper Edge Property Management Inc., Garret Wong
  • Valen has the rare qualities in the right combinations to make him a high-level strategist and effective general. He is generous with others and always looking to help his brothers and sisters to rise and achieve success.
    CEO of Realize Potential Inc., Trevor Menard
  • I met Valen at a point in my life where I needed a genuine mentor that would not only tell me how to do what was necessary but would go one step further. I can now say he will get you where you want to be.
    CEO of Team Made Construction, Jose Sanchez
  • Valen has been a source of encouragement, wisdom and practical solutions to me! Valen has been so patient with me as he coaches me in areas I'm growing in. I am proud to call Valen my mentor, coach, and friend!
    President of Quality Living Network, Rachel Cardente
  • Valen Vergara is a consummate professional! He is creative, competent and comprehensive in everything he does. Valen is a visionary with clarity of purpose and passionately looks for opportunities to help others succeed.
    President of Refresh Your Life International, Rob Klassen
  • I personally have been under his leadership and have been coached by him, and with certainty having him in my corner has only activated many moments of opportunity, growth, meaningful networking, and purpose.
    TEFL/English Teacher, Ray Penner
  • Valen Vergara is an amazing coach/mentor. His book is amazing and JAM packed with value. Thank you for everything you have done for me Valen it is truly out of this world!
    Positioning Expert, Troy Assoignon
  • Valen is one of my inspirations in the Real Estate Industry and he is also the one who keeps me going, he is also my mentor, he taught me how to do stuff in a right way. I am blessed to one of the students of Valen.
    Entrepreneur, Life Unlimited, Greg Michael Carlos