I help entrepreneurs to become more valuable by investing in real estate.


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Chairman of WEPT CORP. Focus on acquisitions, business development, banking, energy, funding facilitation, infrastructure, large cap projects, management, and real estate. Chief Investment Officer of the GREATER THAN GROUP, INC, a multidivisional private equity real estate investment company. As well as the CEO of GREATER THAN INVESTMENTS, INC., the asset management division. Director at GREATER THAN PROPERTIES, INC., the property management division. Valen is the President of TEAM MADE REAL ESTATE, INC., a Canadian real estate investing academy and the number one real estate education network in the province.

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This system has been proven by many to produce high-quality results, with little to no risk backed by our teams support. My mastermind group gives you insider access to key influencers, connections, and relationships within your community.

Are you interested in learning how to acquire commercial and real estate deals?

You’re in the right place. If you’d like to learn more… read on. I operate one of the fastest growing commercial real estate development companies in the Manitoba area. We have helped investors gain access to off the market deals, and we have a strong power team behind us. We’re looking for someone like you if…

– You are a team player, and you are looking to make your money work for you, with our current and future projects.

– You have funds to invest, and don’t know where to invest them.

– You want to get into commerical real estate, yet you don’t know the in’s and out’s and the do’s and don’ts.

The group provides a one-stop shop service for your investment needs. Our company is formed around mutually beneficial strategic alliances. Full support, unrestricted, we’re here for you no matter what. I also run the top #1 real estate investing education network in the province of Manitoba. This is for committed applicants who are looking to join Manitoba’s only commercial real estate mastermind membership.

You will get a hold of my proven system which I have used to bring on tens of millions of dollars of commercial, apartment, and mixed-use real estate for my members. *100% of our mastermind members have done at least one successful commercial real estate transaction and we want to keep it that way!

Take a look at what some of the people on the inside have said about my mastermind…

“I met Valen at a point in my life where I needed a genuine mentor that would not only tell me how to do what was necessary, but would go one step further. I can now confidently say that he is a genuine mentor that will get you where you want to be. He takes pleasure in my victories as if they were his own! I feel fortunate to have someone like Valen take me under his wing and share his wisdom with me! He adds value in every conversation you have with him. He is committed to his and my personal development and it is a great honor to call him my friend!”

~ Jose Sanchez, Commerical Real Estate Investor, Property Manager

“I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I decided I am going to do it. I sailed off hoping I would find land again. And I did it. Just when I was about to give up. Two years. I have two kids. I have a wife. It is not easy. But I didn’t give up. The journey is going to be tough but grit will help you get there. The last deal brought to me, I just closed on my biggest one. Raised three million dollars. That’s it the guy that was about to give up. That’s my story!”

~ Kieu Danh, Commerical Real Estate Investor

Valen is an astounding individual in every sense of the word. His business acumen is second to none and he has proven to be one of the most valuable business partners I have the pleasure of working with. His strategic planning and uncanny ability to form, lead, and inspire teams of people paired with his boundless knack for innovation and phenomenal ability. With Valen’s vast knowledge in business, you are guaranteed to find extraordinary value in contacting him. I hold my recommendations with utmost regard, and Valen Vergara is more than deserving.

~ Nico Sanchez, Commerical Real Estate Investor

It is now your turn. If you’re still here, reading this and you are ready to go, click the button below that says “GET STARTED TODAY!” And let’s get you going…

This exclusive group is for driven individuals that are determined to get into commerical real estate!

Are you ready to find better projects and take your real estate business to the next level in the next 6 or 12 months? To apply to the mastermind, click the button at the end below to confirm your spot.

There are limited memberships available in the mastermind due to keeping the quality of our network high, so we can serve our members best.

URGENT: After entering your information please complete the following steps below…

  • Confirm our email.
  • Read welcome email.
  • Fill out application.



P.S. We’re here to build a solid committed network of investors that are here to support each other and lift eachother up. If that is something you are interested in then please, apply to become a member.

Talk soon,



The Credibility Builder gives you immediate access to a predesigned executive summary template that you can completely customize to fit your business.


The Private Lending Packet presentation explains how you can make substantial profits for your investors by building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.  


Investment opportunity package for commerical real estate, outlining acquisitions summary, financial projections, returns, and more!


The Max Offer Formula is designed to quickly determine the maximum price you should pay for a property based on specific market criteria you enter.


The Spec Sheet is here to help you present your deals to other investors in a clear and concise manner so that it’s easier for you to get paid!


The New Construction Template configures construction costs, income to expense ratio, CAP rate, LTV, land cost, interest rate, and timelines of projects.



You want to become an authority in your profession? Then you need to think like and partner with Valen Vergara, not only does he help you to expand your vision for yourself but he also gives you a genuine and authentic way of moving towards your goals and dreams.

VISHAL MORJARIA | Award Winning Author, Transformational Coach & Speaker


Valen Vergara is an amazing force for change in our culture and world. As an award-winning entrepreneur, who is also an author, speaker, philanthropist and executive coach, he has truly found the capacity to invest himself in people and places where he can authentically make a difference, cause a shift, and impact on a broad scale. He brings wisdom, authenticity, credibility, and RESULTS to the table.

ABE BROWN | Author, Speaker & Executive Coach


Mr. Valen Vergara is a man driven. He’s driven by passion and commitment to his ideals. Inspired by various affluent A- Players, Mr. Vergara, heads several enterprises; and perpetually surrounds himself with extremely successful mentors and coaches he is, not only qualified to lead businesses, he has exceptional knowledge and a wealth of advice you should heed… if you want to be financially successful in life.

R. MELVIN MCKENZIE | Award Winning Author, President, Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC, Chief Instructor, Heaven’s Palm Boxing Association


The art of giving was never better suited but for Valen Vergara. A born true leader, Valen is wearing the confidence of a true missionary, the wisdom of a philosopher and the heart of a hero. And if this is not enough, Valen made his mission in life to navigate away from stereotypes and nonsense, and explore new dimensions of knowledge. His journey has started into the future with steady steps, knowing that he is born into Significance. When you meet him, celebrate because your life is about to start!

MARINA NANI | Author, International Professional Speaker, Founder of the Academy Of Significance


Valen Vergara is a mover and shaker, and I am thrilled that he is a part of the Game Changer movie project. As an overachiever, Valen is an awesome example of a Game Changer. I knew when he was selected to appear in the Game Changer, his message would be a key in the success of the project. Follow this visionary, and engage with this phenomenal example of what a dedicated and conscientious leader truly is. Valen has found his calling, he is out to change the world, and I believe that he’ll be successful at it.

SHAWN SHEWCHUK | The #1 Results Coach In The Country, Best Selling Author Of Change Your Thinking Change Your Results!


As a Talk Show Host, it is not only a source of the most profound pleasure, but also one of immense professional gratification for me to have the privilege of a guest appearance by an exceptional personality. I am uncommonly fortunate that this occurrence has been a recurring decimal on my Show. Valen Vergara is no exception among these outstanding individuals who have added authentic intellectual spice to my Show. Of equal significance is the fact that Valen is fast turning into an intellectual celebrity. I can declare, without an iota of equivocation, that this young entrepreneur is fully representative of all that is excellent in his generation’s drive to bequeath a legacy of global compassion, fueled by sustainable entrepreneurship, to the world.

DR. YOMI GARNETT | Author, Host Of The Radio Talk Show DREAM THE LIFE; LIVE THE DREAM On VoiceAmerica, President Of The Global Institute For Human Excellence.
NY Times Bestselling Author Raymond Aaron & Billionaire Jack Canfield.
Book Presentation To Prime Minister Of Canada.
5-Time Bestselling Author & Wealth Coach Loral Langemeier.
Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of Rich Dad.
Public Figures Success Stories Forum.
Team Made Real Estate Manitoba Book Launch.
YES International Book Launch.
The Honourable John McCallum.

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