5 Strategies To Super Charge Your Buyer’s List

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In this top list, you will find techniques that you can use to build up your real estate buyer pool…

Imagine if you came across an incredible deal and it is under contract, so what is next?

If you are a more advanced real estate entrepreneur, then you already have a solid list stored, however, most don’t!

Are you serious about real estate investing? If you are then selling real estate is something you have to get great at.

Building your buyers list is important… Let me show some way you can do so…

1. Networking: If you are new to real estate investing, create a top twenty-five list of local investors in your area and arrange meetings with all of them and find out how you can add value to their situation. Doing business with people you like, know, and trust is paramount.

Spend some time filtering a few key relationships. The fast track is to run an internet search, “We buy houses in Winnipeg.” You will find many people who assign properties to other acquaintances in their network.

2. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) Cash Sales: Develop a positive relationship with your realtor, and direct your realtor to bring up a recent list of cash sales in the past thirty to ninety days. At this point, you will have a chance to get a hold of who owns these properties. Search the buyers up and get in contact with them!

Here is a basic script: “Hi INSERT NAME HERE, I noticed you recently purchased a property at 123 Fake Street, I would like to know if you are looking to buy more?”After that, let them know about your property(ies) and inquire on if they are interested in buying it.

Another way is to go to the property itself which they purchased if you know it is a buy, fix and sell deal and see if they available to talk or drop a note in the mailbox.

3. Local Meetups: Come out to my local meet up in Winnipeg, called Team Made Real Estate Manitoba every month, they are growing in size! Or others like it.

This connects in with networking. Come to our meetings and see who’s interested in buying a property in your area. You can ask for referrals and create new partnerships.

4. Signs: Keep a watchful lookout for these signs. They are effective, and they work well. Especially for assignment deals. Get on the phone and create the connection. And most importantly, follow up!

5. Internet Marketing:  You can create opt-in pages where buyers can put in their name, email and phone number into your real estate list.

You will be able to send out emails when you have the right property for their profile.

Creating quality content about you and your real estate investment business is something you should do often.

Be sure to put in calls to action in the online content so viewers know the next step if they come across your page.

Social media is a great place to start and go to market. It is all about: relationships, relationships, relationships! Real estate investing requires a lot of advertising, marketing, and promotion.

You are in sales and the best real estate investors are great at selling their products, services, and ideas.

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Valen Vergara.

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