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The Nightmare Customers And How To Avoid Them

We have all experienced them in business or career. That one customer who pursues a vendetta to work against the grain by any means necessary. It is not your fault

Money School

The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor has a reserve to back up their notes which is actually our common currency. The battle of who gets to print our money

Money Changers

What is Money and where did the invention of Money come from? Why is there such a fog of confusion about it… It’s because most haven’t the slightest clue where

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

I will keep this short and sweet, which isn’t how your relationship with your clients should be. Birds eye view the business world and you will see that the vast

Economy Conflict Of Interestâ„¢

If you implement the following techniques in your business and life you will become a high-end performer. However, if you disregard the information the chances of managing a strong small