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The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor has a reserve to back up their notes which is actually our common currency.

The battle of who gets to print our money has been the pivotal issue in the United States. Federal Reserve vs. Congress… Wars and depressions have resulted due to this pursuit for acquisition.

After WW1 this battle was rarely mentioned in news or history books.

By WW1 the money changers seized control over the nations press and smoked screened it. The control over printing money has switched hands 8 times since 1764.

This fact has virtually vanished from public view. After all if money is an invention (a commodity) that everyone needs and cant get enough of… theres total power in that…

Until we stop talking about deficits and government spending and start talking about who controls how much money we have it’s all just a big shell game.

It wont matter if you pass an iron clad amendment to the constitution mandating a balance budget our situation is only going to get worse until we root out the cause at its source.

Since 1864 we’ve had a debt based banking system. All our money is based on government debt. We cannot extinguish our debt without extinguishing our money supply.

That’s why talk of paying off our national debt without reforming our banking system is an impossibility.

That’s why the solution does not lie in discussing the size of national debt rather it lies in reforming our banking system.

Valen V.

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