CBC | Manitoba Future 40 | 2015

Celebrating Manitoba’s new generation of leaders, builders, and change-makers under the age of 40! Source: JCI is celebrating 100 years of impact. It was in 1915 that Henry Giessenbier founded JCI in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The idea was to scale local actions across borders, into the global organization it is now. Young active

Source: Being a platform that tends to share unconventional wisdom, the team at Influencive thought it only made sense to showcase a group of extraordinary professionals that are influencing others around the world in various ways. These people are all doing amazing things and they are all Influencive; or as most people like to call

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A strong wind of devotion rolls over the hills of our hearts, her dew of love will not ever depart, her tears of joy rain down on our souls, her smile still shines and makes us whole. She weathered our storms with her sea of hospitality, she did not give a lot she gave everything,